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Carrier heating repair Raleigh NC

The Carrier air conditioner represents many years of design, development and testing with one main goal in mind -- To improve your family's comfort. During this development process, Carrier has surpassed all of the competition with new technology that provides superior quality and energy efficiency that you expect from your air conditioning system, all while staying ahead of industry trends and global initiatives.

New Breakthroughs like humidity control, variable speed technology, smaller cabinet sizes, and air conditioners designed to be touch enough to handle some of the toughest elements, means there is a Carrier tailored to meet all of your A/C needs. Whether you expect maximum energy savings, maximum comfort, minimal sound, or all three, all brand Carrier air conditioners have you covered. Keep your Carrier running at peak performance with a Carrier Heating tune up Raleigh service and avoid expensive repairs with our Carrier Maintenance Raleigh plans.

Efficiency, innovation and quality: Carrier air conditioners use multispeed technology and smart electronics that take indoor comfort and energy-saving performance to a whole new level. Throughout all Carrier air conditioner lines, lasting durability, quality and environmental stewardship has endured for 100 years. So, when you decide to choose a Carrier air conditioner along with a Carrier thermostat, you will received year-round comfort.

Carrier Air Conditioners are energy efficient:

  • Innovation: The multistage Carrier air conditioners will smooth out the typical, up-and-down cycles of normal systems by changing cooling speeds and capacities and as conditions start to change. The result can be felt with indoor consistency of temperature and humidity, even on the hottest of summer days.
  • A/C Efficiency: SEER ratings are like your vehicle's MPG, the greater the number, the greater potential for saving on energy costs. All Carrier air conditioning units provide ranges of efficiencies starting at 16.0 SEER up to as much as 21.00 SEER.
  • Heavy-duty Cooling System: The coil guard, galvanized steel cabinet, and baked on paint provides superior protection against dings, dents and other weather related elements. For homes in areas with extreme wind, heat and cold, ask about Carrier air conditioners with weather shield for long lasting corrosion protection against the most extreme weather conditions.
  • Humidity Control: The Carrier two-stage or multi-stage air conditioner is vital to providing comfort and efficiency using humidity precision management. Add a multi-speed indoor touch control humidifier unit and let the units humidity system deliver comfort year round.
  • Air Conditioner Sound Levels: Carrier air conditioners don't just cool your home quietly and efficiently. All Carrier A/C systems also include silent system components for reducing airflow vibration, achieving some of the lowest sound levels, as low as to 56 dBA.

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Carrier Air Conditioner Models

Infinity 21, Infinity Series, 19VS, 24ANB1, 24ANB7, 17, 24ANB6, 16, Performance 17, Performance Series, 16, 24ACB7, 13, 24ACC6, 14, 24ACB3, Performance 13 Compact, 24AHA4, Comfort Series, 38HDR, 24AAA6, Comfort 16, 15, 24ABC6, 14, 24AAA5, 24ACC4.