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Trane heating repair Raleigh NC

Summer is the time for relaxation, not trying to battle the scorching heat. With a new Trane central air conditioner system, you'll rest comfortably day and night while no longer worrying about high energy costs on your utility bills. Here at Alpine HVAC we can repair and install all Trane models. Whether you require a new installation or need quality maintenance service, we are ready to get your Trane running at peak operating performance. All Trane air conditioning units are designed to give you a cooler and happier life. So if you are having a summer get together or just staying in for movie night, you can relax knowing that your cooling needs will be covered with a Trane central air conditioner. Keep your Trane Furnace running at peak performance with a Trane Heating tune up Raleigh service and avoid expensive repairs with our Trane Maintenance Raleigh plans.

Owning a Trane air conditioning system comes with many benefits that don't end after installation. All Trane A/C units come backed with a warranty. You will be much more comfortable and a lot cooler in your home all year round when you choose a Trane.

Trane AC Specifications

  • Trane True Comfort: The Trane True Comfort system provides precision comfort by running at the precise speed needed to keep your home comfortable. This allows the compressor, outdoor fan and indoor fan to change operating speeds and BTU as the temperature outside changes, slowing down or speeding up gradually in as little time as 1/10 of 1% increments keeping your comfort within 1/2° of the settings on your thermostat.
  • Efficient A/C cooling performance: The Trane air conditioner is one of the industry’s most energy efficient systems, with ratings as high as 21 SEER. With Trane True Comfort technology, the 21-SEER central air conditioner will automatically adjust while maintaining constant and consistent speeds avoiding temperature swings.
  • Comfort Link II communicating capability: Comfort Link II communication technology connects all of your home cooling components so your system will automatically calibrate and configure itself for optimal performance and efficiency throughout the entire lifetime of your Trane system.
  • Quiet, Durable, and Economical: All Trane air conditioners are factory tested for durability, you can rest assured that these systems will hold up to just about any weather environments, and while still keeping you with your budget. And with the quiet running fan, as much as 4 decibels below the other brands minimum, you know you will be getting the quietest air conditioner that is the best cooling option for your home.
  • Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air Quality: Add Trane Clean Effects to your A/C system to filter the incoming air and help eliminate dust, pollen and any other irritants for a cleaner, healthier and much more comfortable home.

Trane Air Conditioner Models

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XL20i, XV20i Variable Speed, XL18i, XV18, XR17, XL16i, XR14, XR16, XB16, XR13, XB13, XB300, XB14,